What do we do as football agents?

The service we provide is a comprehensive one.

Issues we manage range from negotiating club contracts and boot deals to loans deals and moves as well as legal, financial, PR and media advice.

But we don’t just support players in all aspects of the game itself and their career on a day to day basis. To help players to fully focus their body and mind on the sport and on developing careers, we also take care of off field issues too.

This includes supporting both them and their families in anything from relocating, moving house or relocating to buying a car. Each player is supported by one of our experienced and professional consultants and also has the support of the Player Liaison Team.

All team members are CRB cleared to work with young people.

Player on-field support services include helping to navigate:

    • Club contracts
    • Boot deals
    • Loan deals/moves
    • Legal advice
    • Financial advice
    • Dealing with PR/media

More on our off-field services

Sportz Connexions prides itself on offering an excellent service across the board. And that doesn’t mean just focusing on players’ direct involvement with football, it means off the field too.

This service leaves players free to concentrate on their on-field performance knowing that everything else is being taken care of. Together members of Sportz Connexions’ Player Liaison Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working within the sporting environment.

As a result that they know just how important a first class service is and it strives to deliver a swift and professional service to meet all the player’s needs.

Player support off the field includes helping to navigate:

    • Home purchases
    • Home relocations
    • Car purchases
    • Car leasing deals